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Policies & Procedures

Policies & Procedures

TCNJ IRB Policies and Procedures

Investigators may not initiate any research involving humans until they have received notification of irb IRB approval and have agreed to comply with all contingencies made in connection with that approval.  Please note that updates to the policy manual are posted on the IRB homepage.  Please refer to the homepage for updates to the policy manual.


All Primary Investigators (PIs) must be faculty or staff at The College of New Jersey.  While we encourage students to conduct research, students are not allowed serve as the PI on proposals submitted to the IRB.

Any investigator who has submitted or plans to submit a project to an external agency for funding must forward one complete copy of the external proposal to the Committee as soon as it is available. The external proposal should be considered as a supplement or appendix to the IRB application.

If the investigator’s school or department maintains an internal review committee, their approval and remarks should be submitted to the OAGSR along with their proposal. The IRB Chair will notify each applicant of the committee’s decision.

Informed Consent

A written informed consent form documents the consent process. This process consists of a description of the specific research project, the procedures each subject will undergo, and a delineation of the individual’s rights as a research subject.

Informed consent must normally be obtained in a written format that requires the subject’s signature or that of the subject’s legally authorized representative. The IRB may grant a waiver of this requirement if the investigator provides adequate justification for the request. In all cases a copy of the written informed consent must be given to the subject unless the IRB specifically waives this requirement.


Proposals for proper review must be submitted in a timely fashion. See Deadlines/Calendar for more information.