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The Institutional Review Board of The College of New Jersey is charged with the responsibility and authority to approve, require modification in, halt unapproved or non-compliant research, periodically monitor the progress of long-term records, or disapprove all research activities involving humans that fall within its jurisdiction. More »

iMedris is Here!

We are excited about the IRB’s transition from the previous electronic management system to iMedRIS.  

  • * The new system is effective as of July 1, 2017.  * The current link to the eIRB on the IRB webpage has been replaced with a link to iMedRIS and the current eIRB system is no longer available.    
  • PLEASE NOTE: If you have ongoing, approved research that you expect to continue during the 2017-2018 academic year and have NOT requested administrated support for transferring your research proposal, you have until Aug. 28th to move your materials from the old system to the new system. Please contact Chu Kim-Prieto ( with any questions. Here is the research transfer PI verifcation form to use when you transfer your materials into the new system.

TRAINING:  A brief video on using the new system will be posted on the IRB webpage.  In addition, individual members of the IRB will hold training sessions during Spring and Fall semesters.  While the primary intended audience members will be researchers from their own schools, all are welcome to attend any session. Training dates: TBD.

Human Subjects CertificationPlease upload your valid NIH or CITI human subjects training certificate here. *You will no longer upload your certificate with your proposal. Instead, an IRB member will download this information approximately once per week and import it into iMedris. Once you have uploaded your certificate, you do not need to do so again until your certificate has expired (the certificate is valid for 3 years).

Types of IRB Review

There are two categories of IRB review of proposed studies:

  1. Expedited Review
  2. Full Board Review
  3. Exemptions from IRB Review

Some proposals may be determined to be exempt from review. All proposals, however, must be submitted through the eIRB System.