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The Institutional Review Board of The College of New Jersey is charged with the responsibility and authority to approve, require modification in, halt unapproved or non-compliant research, periodically monitor the progress of long-term records, or disapprove all research activities involving humans that fall within its jurisdiction. More »

Please note that the PI has 60 days to respond to feedback and submit a revised proposal.  Proposals that are not responded to within 60 days of feedback will be archived, and subsequent submission of revisions will be treated as new submissions.  This policy is effective immediately for all new proposals.  (Approved by the IRB 10/22/2014)

Please note that starting Fall 2013, the NIH human subjects training should be renewed every 3 years (i.e., the certificate should be no more than 3 years old from the starting date of the research project). (approved by the IRB 6/09/2010)

Please note that as of Fall 2012, students may not serve as Principal Investigators or Co-Principal Investigators of a study responsible to the College of New Jersey and needing approval by the College Institutional Review Board (approved unanimously by the IRB 3/14/2012)


Types of IRB Review

There are two categories of IRB review of proposed studies:

  1. Expedited Review
  2. Full Board Review
  3. Exemptions from IRB Review

Some proposals may be determined to be exempt from review. All proposals, however, must be submitted through the eIRB System.